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AAC Audio Playback Tests

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New: xHE-AAC and MPEG-D DRC tests

See the new tabs in the left menu for tests that support this codec recently included in Android.

Test AAC decoding support in your HTML5 web browser

This site provides web pages to test the playback of AAC audio bitstreams in your HTML5 web browser or web-enabled device. Select the appropriate page and player interfaces should appear in the page to allow you to play the bitstream. Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Safari and potentially other web browsers (including Firefox on most platforms) support stereo and multichannel playback of AAC as HTML5 objects.

Test AAC decoding in media players or hardware devices

All of the bitstreams presented here may be downloaded as files that can be played by local players or devices that are not web-enabled. Windows Media Player 12, QuickTime, and VLC, among others, offer AAC playback.