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DASH AAC Audio Playback Tests

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DASH Test Vectors for xHE-AAC

DASH is a manifest-based, client-driven streaming format for OTT transmission. It is mostly ISOBMFF media-based today and codecs are usually encapsulated separately (in a non-multiplexed fashion).

Multiple audio or video streams (representations) can be bundled into an adaptation set to allow the client to dynamically select different bitrate renditions based on the current network condition.

xHE-AAC offers seamless switching in DASH clients over a broad range of supported bitrates and it is well-supported by the DASH standard.

The link provided below leads to the DASH-IF (DASH Industry Forum) test vector database where some xHE-AAC DASH streams can be found, including a brief description what to test for. They can be used in combination with xHE-AAC enabled DASH players to test basic functionality, such as decoding and bitrate switching.